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As you may have recently seen in the Town & Parish Council newsletter, there is project running across Lincolnshire in partnership with the Centre for Ageing Better that is looking at designing a service for residents to use.

The Good Home Alliance is in the service design phase at the moment & there is a consultation survey currently on Let’s Talk Lincolnshire that we are trying to promote to as many Lincolnshire residents as possible. It is very important for us to engage with the community so that the project provides a service that fits the needs of local people.

As an overview, the Good Home Alliance aims to provide advice & support to people to stay safe & warm in their homes by accessing services such as those for adapting homes, home improvements, energy efficiency, support services & moving to a more suitable home if needed.

The service would be for anyone, whether they own or rent their home, including those in Park Homes.

If you are interested, please participate in the survey - 

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